AIRDAT Reviews, Case Studies & Customer Testimonials

You need confidence when choosing a partner that delivers systems and services that are vital to the airport eco-system.  So don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say in their AIRDAT reviews.  We are always happy to introduce and reference any client we have worked with.  Here are a few examples of our projects.

Manchester ORAT

Supporting Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 extension ORAT project with our systems & project team.

Passport Consultancy

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Heathrow Winter Ops

Empowering Heathrow Airport’s Winter Ops with our robust and bespoke training system.


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Nathan McIntosh

Senior Manager Ground Services Compliance, Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport's legacy systems replacement

Taking multiple vital legacy systems and consolidating them into a single streamlined solution.  Our solution had to be something that would meet, or better the functionality of the incumbent whilst bringing greater levels of efficiency and transparency through improved workflow and the sharing of pertinent information.

Passport Onboard VISA Bespoke Consultancy

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Wellington's improved control for those accessing airside

Wellington Airport needed a system that would meet the standards and streamline their existing process – with a 2.5 week deadline.

Onboard VISA Bespoke Consultancy

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Luton Airport revolutionise Airside Driving

With Luton Airports astounding levels of passenger growth, they needed a provider that could meet with the demand of the teams and fleet supporting their aircraft movements.

Passport Onboard VISA Bespoke Training Consultancy

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Alan Holmes

Airside Standards Improvement Lead - Gatwick Airport, Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport Streamlines Driver Training

Gatwick Airport was heavily burdened with administrative tasks for record-keeping and booking for Airside Driver Training. All manner of paper, spreadsheets, word docs, permit generators and systems were being used to manage the elements of the Airside Driving Scheme and ultimately none interacting with each other. This meant a human element for double, and sometimes treble, manual updating.  They needed a solution that would help decrease administration and increase the levels of safety airside. 

Passport Bespoke Training Consultancy

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Melbourne upgrade AUA’s & ADA’s

Melbourne’s ADA and AUA departments were nearing capacity and the airport required a solution that would help ease the administrative pressure, whilst improving on the high standards already fostered.

Passport Onboard VISA Bespoke Consultancy

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Exeter organise Training & Operators

Exeter looks to digitise training for their in house team and third parties utilising the airport, as well as bring Airside operator licensing online too.

Passport Onboard VISA Consultancy

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