AIRDAT Billing Services

Billing Services Overview

Monetising permit, licence and training schemes is all well and good… until the point you realise you need a small team to deal with the process of taking the data, converting it into invoices, supporting those wishing to make payments and chasing others who don’t.  When it’s low-value, high volume items, it’s probably not something you’d want your own internal finance department to deal with either.

For over a decade, the AIRDAT Billing team has been collecting funds on behalf of airports and training organisations for vehicle permits, driver permits, operating licences and training – whether completed using our own systems, or 3rd party ones.  Annually the team manage over £2m in fees for our clients.

AIRDAT already holds accounts with close to 3,000 aviation-related companies, meaning our billing services can be up and running for you in no time.   Our pricing model also means no up-front costs and once a month, we make a single payment out to you.

Billing Services - Key Features

We do the chasing

We will follow up on invoices issued and do the chasing on your behalf to ensure you receive the funds. If required, we even manage debt collection at no additional cost.

We Pay You

No upfront costs and one simple payment to you each month. We will collect the funds and pay you the amount owed for the month in a single lump sum, accompanied by a report.

Assured Revenue

When it comes to airport billing, we are confident with the collection. We base our figures on the total transactions in the month, so regardless of who has paid or not, we will pay you what is owed.

Single invoice

For the stakeholder companies being billed, where possible, we will consolidate any services/schemes we are tasked with, meaning a single, simpler, clearer invoice. Need PO support too? No problem.

Multiple payment methods

Whether companies wish to pay by credit card, purchasing card, direct debit, BACS or cheque, online or over the phone, the AIRDAT billing team are able to support all of these methods.

Reporting & Support

We provide a standard set of reports as part of our billing services to ensure transparency and confidence. Need something bespoke? No problem. Our support team will field all the emails & calls for you too.

Case study

The challenge

Manchester Airport began delivering out contractor induction training to those working at the airport delivering the £1bn transformation programme as part of their permit to work scheme.  In addition, they also moved to a permit charging model, for all those work permits raised on the Gemsoft7 P2W system.  The airport needed to bill for these high volumes, low-values schemes without impacting on the internal resources.

The audience

Over 5,000 contractors from approximately 1,000 companies would be required to go through this training and would be raising permits on the P2W system.

The solution

The AIRDAT billing team extracts data from the AIRDAT Passport system for training usage and the Gemsoft7 P2W system for permit usage at the end of each month.  Scripts have been built that automatically scan this data and convert the line items into invoices, ready for issue to the stakeholder companies.

Invoices are then automatically emailed out, with automated credit control emails, and also (where required) calls from the team.  Payments are taken using multiple methods, both online and over the phone.

At the end of each month, a report is issued to Manchester detailing the income, who in turn issues out an invoice for payment by AIRDAT.

The outcomes

Manchester Airport was able to easily and quickly monetise two schemes that previously would not have been possible with the internal resources available.  They have expanded this to other areas of the business, still only needing to invoice AIRDAT 12 times per annum for collection.

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Need to monetise your airport scheme?

Our billing team will manage the full billing process for vehicle permits, driver permits, operating licences and training – whether completed using our own systems, or 3rd party ones.