ORAT at Manchester Airport

– £1bn Terminal 2 extension to serve 29m passengers – AIRDAT provides the ORAT team with key systems support. 

The Challenge

The ORAT team at Manchester Airport needed to organise, test, track and report on over 3,000 colleagues that required familiarisation with the new space, ready for it to become operational.

“Manchester were already using AIRDAT Passport with great results in the contractor support/P2W area, so it made sense to task the system with this new challenge.”

Jennifer Tumbri, Project Lead - AIRDAT.

The Solution

Manchester Airport utilised AIRDAT Passport to manage the booking, registration, testing and reporting for all those that required familiarisation tours.  Our Project team worked with both the airport’s management team and the 14 Airport Transformation Ambassadors (ATAs) delivering the tours to configure and provide training on the system.  Manchester restricted tour bookings to specific sectors of the business to tailor the tour to the needs of the sector

The AIRDAT Passport system was configured specifically for the role-based training booking and testing for this project

Our project team attended on-site to provide planning, support and training to the Manchester Airport management team and the 14 Airport Transformation Ambassadors.








Simple solution

The Result

Ready for the extension opening in July, facility familiarisations were streamlined through the use of AIRDAT’s systems, supported by our Project team, meeting the challenges outlined by the airport at the start.  The use of Passport is now being extended to cover the Airside Driver Training scheme at Manchester too. 

Manchester T2 ORAT System Review | AIRDAT

“The familiarity and simplicity of the AIRDAT Passport system ensured the process was effortless for both the airport and our partners attending.”

Katie Rowson, Manchester Airport - People Change Manager

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