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We are Pilots, ground engineers, aviation doctor’s, senior airport operations staff, aviation trainers and more.  We love solving problems and would like to share our years of experience and aviation industry knowledge with you.

We have all worked at or for an airport which means we don’t need to learn how an airport works, we can jump right in and offer assistance with a range of work from basic consultancy, right through to onsite Project Management delivery.

In addition, we have a database of over 50,000 aviation professionals from across the globe and work with some of the leading consultancies to supply people to their projects.  Let our team, help yours.

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Whichever area of the operation you need support with, AIRDAT can supply or source the right individuals for your project:

AIRDAT Outsourcing - Key Features

Experience & Knowlege

We have all worked at or for an airport which means we don’t need to learn how an airport works, we can jump right in and offer assistance from day one.

Quick to react

We know how aviation works. Waiting, then suddenly, everything is required tomorrow. We have provided team members for some of the worlds largest projects within days.

Diverse database

In addition to our internal team, we have a database of over 50,000 aviation based personnel from around the globe. That means a wide range of skills to select from.

Trust & confidence

Having delivered team members to the likes of ARUP at LHR during the rollout of their new Terminal 2, and supplied staff for contracts spanning 10+ years, you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Managed thoughout

We will coach and take care of anyone we place with your team. If issues or challenges do arise, this can be communicated to our management team and they will work directly with the candidate.

Flexible terms

Projects can last from a week to several years, but you probably don't want to be lumbered with all the extra people once things come to an end. That's where AIRDAT outsourcing works well.

Case study

The challenge

As part of their ORAT programme, London Heathrow Airport partnered with consultancy ARUP had a requirement to deliver out familiarisation and technical training to stakeholders in the run-up to the opening of their new £2.5bn terminal two ‘The Queens Terminal’

The airport needed to ensure stakeholders knew exactly where things were and how they operated from the moment the doors opened

The audience

20,000 individuals from over 2,000 stakeholder companies needed to be trained within a 6 month period.

The solution

AIRDAT supplied a team of trainers that helped to plan, write and deliver training both landside and airside during the process.

The outcomes

As per a quotation from the Guardian Newspaper:

The first champagne corks were popped open at a bar next to check-in as early as 8.30am at Heathrow’s bright new Terminal 2 on Wednesday 4th June. But not, as a spokesman hurried over to point out, by airport management or staff. Caution, contingency planning and a thorough dose of public humility had marked the buildup to the opening of the £2.5bn terminal.

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