Airside Driver Training at Gatwick Airport

The Challenge

Gatwick Airport was heavily burdened with administrative tasks for record-keeping and booking for Airside Driver Training. All manner of paper, spreadsheets, word docs, permit generators and systems were being used to manage the elements of the Airside Driving Scheme and ultimately none interacting with each other. This meant a human element for double, and sometimes treble, manual updating.  This took time & focus away from the course and safety improvement initiative planning

Charles Cardwell | AIRDAT

“As one of the company’s first projects, to see the results we have in terms of administration time reductions and safety improvements is a testament to the teams involved”

Charles Cardwell, CEO - AIRDAT

The Solution

A full online booking system for courses and a training record-keeping system for external stakeholders was developed and rolled out – the system saved Gatwick Airport 75% in administration time and costs in relation to the Airside Driving Scheme.

AIRDAT now provide the complete training package to Gatwick – writing material, creating assets, delivering the course and providing the tour, facility and testing equipment for a community of over ten thousand airside drivers.

Developed to streamline the process for Gatwick and 3rd parties, with a 75% reduction in administration time.

A new system, built to spec around the existing processes and challenges faced by the airport and those companies operating there.  Delivered and rolled out on time and at zero cost to the airport.

Our highly experienced team of IOSH and RTITB trainers, along with vehicle, facility and equipment provision ensured drivers trained by AIRDAT were 4.5 times less likely to be involved in an incident.

Our consultants helped define and refine a system that dealt with the specific challenges being faced & also crafted a training solution that helped Gatwick improve their safety stats dramatically.




Saving in administration time


Times less likely to have an incident


Simple solution

The Result

Gatwick continues to enjoy a 75% reduction in administration time, compared to the previous manual process.  The system has provided a greater level of capacity as the airport has grown, whilst centralising key data for the ops teams to be able to act on.  Stats now show that drivers trained by AIRDAT are over 4.5 times less likely to be involved in an incident.

Alan Holmes

“A centralised area that stores all of our training records and ensures we remain compliant.  It’s removed a lot of paper-based documentation & excel spreadsheets, so I’ve got a one-stop-shop”

Alan Holmes, Airside Standards Improvement Lead - Gatwick Airport

The solution in action

Our systems and services provide benefits across the entire breadth of the airport eco-system. ITN Productions dropped in to see how this works for Gatwick Airport as part of the Airport Operators Association ‘Airport Matters’ programme

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