Heathrow Airport’s Winter Operations Training

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The Challenge

With the cost of runway closures during snow and ice disruption pushing into the millions, getting winter operations teams trained annually is a vital task.  With over 250 people involved, scheduling and delivering this training had become arduous and Heathrow needed a solution that made things easy for them and the candidates attending, whilst offering a blended learning solution. 

Using the numerous methods that Passport has to record training – Online, Practical, eLearning, Timebased and competency based – along with the course management tools,  it was the perfect solution for Heathrow.” 


Rupert Willis, COO - AIRDAT.

The Solution

AIRDAT Passport allowed Heathrow to offer out ‘role specific’ training courses, bookable 24/7.  In addition to the ‘in person’ content, eLearning modules were also created using our cloud based authoring tool – meaning that subject matter experts could bring things together (and update them) without any specialist IT knowledge required. 

The AIRDAT Passport system was configured specifically for the role-based training booking and testing for this project


Daily Closure Cost




Delivery Sessions


Simple solution

The Result

Scheduling of the training sessions was simplified and targeted by role.  Because of our simple eLearning cloud based authoring tool, creation and deployment of material was quick and did not require additional IT support.  Training was delivered in the minimum number of sessions required, improving the cost efficiency of the annual project, which continues now.

John Hamshare, Airside Regulation and Oversight Manager, Heathrow Airport

“The use of AIRDAT Passport certainly cuts down on the administration involved in the organisation and scheduling of this type of training.”

John Hamshare, Airside Regulation, Ground Handling and Oversight Manager - Heathrow Airport

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Hear how AIRDAT’s Passport safety system and VISA app makes it easier for Heathrow Airport to manage their airside training processes and audit driver competency.

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