Sydney Airport Safety System

– Taking multiple legacy systems and consolidating into one.

The Challenge

Many of the systems used in the administration of Airside Training, Assurance & Fleet Management at Sydney Airport were reaching their end of life.  The new solution had to be something that would meet, or better the functionality of the incumbent whilst bringing greater levels of efficiency and transparency through improved workflow and the sharing of pertinent information.

“The Sydney Airport rollout was a big project for us.  With the solution touching on so many departments, systems and users, we had to get things right to prevent any impact to the operation.” 


Jennifer Tumbri, Project Manager - AIRDAT

The Solution

AIRDAT’s project team worked closely with the Sydney Airport team both on and off-site.  Being able to see the existing processes first hand ensured the way the Passport, Onboard and VISA were rolled out covered every requirement and aligned with the needs of both the applicants and Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport’s new assurance scheme was captured and built into Onboard, with their vehicle permit application digitised and ready to accept submissions.

AIRDAT Passport was configured to align with the processes outlined by Sydney Airport, with the migration of existing driver and assessment data completed successfully by the development team prior to launch.

VISA was activated for the Sydney Airport team, with all-new driver and vehicle permits embedded with a secure QR code, ready to be scanned via the app to improve remote audit and safety.

Small tweaks were made to the system to accommodate Sydney Airport’s accounting and billing processes, as well as a change in the online assessment processes.

Our project team attended on-site to provide planning, support and training to Sydney Airport management team and to key stakeholders within the airport community.


Legacy Systems






Simple Solution

The Result

Legacy systems that managed bookings, card issue & print, testing, eLearning, competency training, fleet permitting & assurance and billing were successfully migrated over to AIRDAT with zero downtime and were fully operational from day one.  The processes in each of those areas have been streamlined, with data consolidated, resulting in far clearer insights for Sydney Airport.  They have extended use to other areas of training including aerobridge and committed to several bespoke integrations and builds to further enhance their use. 

AIRDAT - Reviews, Case Studies & Customer Testimonials

“Replacing a number of legacy systems in one go is always going to be a challenge, however, working closely with the AIRDAT team, we enjoyed a successful migration and now have a far more streamlined process.”

Nathan McIntosh, Senior Manager Ground Services Compliance - Sydney Airport

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