Risk and Audit Consultancy

AIRDAT Airport Risk and Audit Assistance

Whether you are an airside company or an airport operator, managing risk is something that has to be considered at every step to help minimise incidents and accidents, meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance.

Our Risk & Audit team will work closely with you to provide a structured solution and help you meet the compliance levels required.

Using the teams’ industry experience and expertise they will work with you to create either an individual company risk assessment or an entire risk assessment process for your airport.

In addition, AIRDAT can provide full audit services to support your airport or provide an independent review of your company.

Risk & Audit in action

The Gatwick compliance team outline how AIRDAT's Risk & Audit services help to keep the worlds busiest single runway airport safe.

Tailored Risk Assessments

We work with you to build a risk assessment tailored to your unique operation. Our team takes the time to understand exactly how and where you operate. They will then apply this to the regulatory standards outlined, to ensure everything meets requirements.

Regulations Compliance Check

We keep you updated on new regulations, publications, documentation, directives and instructions. We provide advice on how to meet new compliance standards to ensure that all the requirements are met and if part of an application, things run smoothly.

Knowledge & Experience

We will share with you our expansive knowledge and experience of airside risk, operations and audit. With industry qualified & EASA/IOSH/RTITB approved personnel working together with you to help you to meet the standards.

Audit Assistance

Whether you're an airport that needs support with their audit process or a company that requires an independent audit, our team can help. 1-on-1 or through seminars, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Dedicated Help desk

Whether you're an airport with hundreds of companies or a single entity, there will always be questions. In aviation, those questions can come any time of day. Fortunately, we have a 24hr support centre that can handle those.

Full lifecycle

From preparation, to submission, audit and renewal, the AIRDAT Risk & Audit team will be there to provide support and advice throughout the entire term of the agreement, making sure you maintain compliance.

Case study

The challenge

Gatwick Airport needed to ensure that all existing and new airside operators had a clear understanding of the hazards that existed airside.  Current Risk Assessment submissions were of varying quality and format, and the compliance team were keen to standardise the formatting,  improve the quality of the submissions coming in and ultimately ensure all companies were aware of and had control measures in place for the hazards that would be experienced whilst operating at the airport.

The audience

The airport community is made up of around 35,000 people and 2,500 companies all performing various tasks around the campus.  Of these companies, around 300 operate vehicles airside at Gatwick, with around 12,000 drivers.

The solution

AIRDAT consulted with the airport and its partner companies to draft up a Risk Assessment that contained the hazards that each company would expect to come into contact with whilst operating airside.  Incident and accident data was reviewed, alongside the regulatory documentation and analysis of existing control measures was completed.  Meetings were then scheduled with each airside operator company as part of their Airside Operator Licensing process, where a tailored assessment was put together based on their operation and the areas they intended to access.  This is now an annual occurrence in line with the Operators Licence at Gatwick 

The outcomes

The standard of Risk Assessment submissions to the compliance team at Gatwick has improved considerably.  Not only in terms of the format, but also the content covered.  The feedback from companies that attend the consultancy sessions is highly complimentary, with many far more confident about their operations and what control measures should be in place to minimise the risk.

The airport has gone on to secure audit services from AIRDAT to help highlight any gaps between the Risk Assessment submissions and the live operation of these companies.

Want to reduce risk and improve safety?

Our highly qualified and experienced team can help your airport or company meet (and exceed!) the standards required. Let them put your mind at rest.