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A Brief History

Formed in 2006, AIRDAT was created specifically to assist with the improvement of the Airside Driving Scheme at Gatwick Airport in the UK. Since those early beginnings, the team and its products and services have grown and updated, but that simple ethos of making life easier and the airport environment better still runs deep.

Every member of the AIRDAT Team has aviation experience. Pilots, ground engineers, senior airport operations staff and more, make up the specialised group that helps to deliver world-leading aviation training, system & consultancy services.

We are problem solvers. We like to take the laborious and complex and make it quick and simple. What can we do for you?

2006 - Present
2006 Passport Icon | AIRDAT Passport

AIRDAT Launch Passport System

2007 Training | AIRDAT Training

Provide First Training Services

2008 Onboard Icon | AIRDAT Onboard Assurance

Launch Onboard Assurance Product

2009 Airport Systems, Training & Consultancy about | AIRDAT Consultancy

Provide First Consulting Services

2010 Onboard Fleet | AIRDAT Onboard Fleet

Launch Onboard Fleet Product

2013 New Zealand | AIRDAT Hey New Zealand!

Expands services to New Zealand

2014 Heathrow Logo | AIRDAT ORAT Support

Provide first ORAT Training Support

2015 ADP Training Provider | AIRDAT Biggest Provider

Largest independent ADP Training provider


Launch of VISA mobile app

2016 Australia | AIRDAT G'Day Australia

Expands services to Australia

2017 Passport Redesign | AIRDAT Passport Redesign

New Innovative, easy to use design

2018 Manchester Airport Logo ORAT Systems

Passport used for ORAT delivery

2019 Visa Fleet | AIRDAT VISA Fleet

Fleet checks & new innovative design

2020 Onboard Redesign | AIRDAT Onboard Redesign

New look and streamlined processes

2022 Impounds

Fleet impound schemes added

2023 Tern Systems Logo Virtual reality

Integrations with Tern Systems

2023 EOT Icon Employee Ownership

AIRDAT Becomes and EOT!

Our Values


There is always a better way to do things. We perpetually strive to find it.


Airports change. Environments change. Technology changes. People change. So do we.


Our highly experienced team research, question, test and retest – Confidence comes as standard.


Our people, systems and processes are all geared towards supporting you and your operation. Relax – we’ve got this.

The Key Players

Teamwork makes the dream work! Here are the key players that make AIRDAT what it is today.

Charles Cardwell | AIRDAT

Charles Cardwell

Founder & Non-Exec Chairman

Rupert Willis | AIRDAT

Rupert Willis

Non-Exec Chairman

Jennifer Tumbri | AIRDAT

Jennifer Tumbri


Chris Harvey | AIRDAT

Chris Harvey


Joanna Southward | AIRDAT

Joanna Southward

Marketing Director

Keelan Eeles | AIRDAT

Keelan Eeles

Systems Director

Rebecca Mason | AIRDAT

Rebecca Mason

Support Director

Person Illustration Black Hair

Rebecca Rawlings

Head of Compliance

Vicky Willis | AIRDAT

Vicky Willis

Project Co-ordinator

Kelly Hayes | AIRDAT

Kelly Hayes

Finance Lead

Paul Briars | AIRDAT

Paul Briars

Luton Training Lead

Dean Pilcher | AIRDAT

Dean Pilcher

Gatwick Training Lead

John Whale | AIRDAT

John Whale

Airside Tour Lead

David Lane | AIRDAT

David Lane

Airside Tour Lead

Paul Burtenshaw | AIRDAT

Paul Burtenshaw

Airside Tour Lead

Mark Harvey | AIRDAT

Mark Harvey

Airside Tour Lead

Jo Rawlings | AIRDAT

Jo Rawlings

Compliance Analyst

Helen Mercercox | AIRDAT

Helen Mercercox

Compliance Advisor

Michelle Tumulak | AIRDAT

Michelle Tumulak

QA Engineer

Simon Twist | AIRDAT

Simon Twist

Passport System Lead

Chris Lane | AIRDAT

Chris Lane

Lead VISA Developer

Kat Masterson | AIRDAT

Kat Masterson

Lead Frontend Developer

Ollie Saunderson | AIRDAT

Ollie Saunderson

Frontend Designer/Developer

Mark Hadlow | AIRDAT

Mark Hadlow

Support Agent & Asset Creator

Naser Huda



Individual Users


Airport Organisations


Customer Satisfaction


Amazing Team

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