Melbourne Airport Airside Safety System

– multiple systems and spreadsheets replaced with one holistic system

The Challenge

Melbourne’s ADA and AUA departments were nearing capacity and the airport required a solution that would help ease the administrative pressure, whilst improving on the high standards already fostered in those areas.  With such a big change to so many organisations, they also needed to ensure a smooth rollout and ongoing stable operation. 

“Melbourne was AIRDAT’s first project in Australia.  The airport had put their faith in us and our team were eager to impress.  We provided on-site support, with our technical teams turning around developments and configurations discussed that morning, overnight.  The time difference really benefited the project, allowing us to deliver within a tight timescale

Rupert Wills, COO - AIRDAT

The Solution

AIRDAT worked closely with the Melbourne Project, Airfield and Fleet teams to configure the best solution.  Attending onsite, process flows were mapped and enhanced, then configured within AIRDAT’s Passport, Onboard and VISA systems.  Bespoke developments allowed for integration into existing eLearning,  accounting and card payment systems.  Thus creating a holistic Melbourne Airport Airside Safety System. Our project team further assisted with the rollout with in-person stakeholder training and the drafting of community communications. 

Melbournes new assurance scheme was captured and built into Onboard, with their vehicle permit application digitised and ready to accept submissions.  A dedicated application pre-vetting team worked with the airport to outline the standard or submissions that should be accepted.

AIRDAT Passport was configured to map out the Melbourne training process, including eLearning pre-requisite courses and management for all ADA types such as Manoeuvring Area, Runway and Escorting Skills.

VISA was activated for the Melbourne team, with all-new driver and vehicle permits embedded with a secure QR code, ready to be scanned via the app to improve remote audit and safety.

Adjustments were made to accommodate Melbourne’s existing eLearning provider, accounting systems and card payment systems.  We also handled the mapping and import of legacy data for users, training, vehicles and permits.

Our project team attended on-site to provide planning, support and training to the Melbourne Airport management team and to key stakeholders within the airport community.








Simple Solution

The Result

The ADA and AUA projects were rolled out separately and both fully supported by AIRDAT.  Registrations and Applications for training from nearly 4,000 users were recorded within the first month of operation, whilst the streamlined vehicle permitting process ensured that 200 airport organisations could now quickly make applications for the 2,000 pieces of fleet required for Melbourne’s aircraft turnarounds.  The airport went on to commit to a further 12-month project focussed on enhancing the systems further for their use, and the remit has been extended into other areas of the operation to provide even greater value. 

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“It was great to work face to face with the team at AIRDAT and run through the system.  It gave us the confidence we needed for our rollout and the opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions directly before release, contributing to a very successful launch.”

Julio Slayo , Airfield Compliance Manager - Melbourne Airport

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