Airport training and competency management made easy.

Take control of airport training schemes with our cloud-based, flexible, easy to use training management and competency system.  Plan, manage, deliver, record and report on any training – internal, and the whole airport community.

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Clear and straight-forward.  Get things done with minimal effort and no manuals, 24/7.  The Passport Airport Training Management System is that easy to use. 


Everything you need for training, auditing and compliance for the entire airport community, brought together in one system.


Airside Safety Training System, Landside Training, Airport Contractor Training System…Passport is all of these and more.  It will flex to your operation and the airport needs. 


International Airports


Individual Users


Airport Organisations


Customer Satisfaction

"Before Passport, we had a bloated, multi-system, part manual process. Now, everything is streamlined and accessible in one place."

John Hamshare, Airside Regulation and Oversight Manager, Heathrow Airport

"Fantastic time saving tool that allows users to self-manage their own training requirements"

Ruslan Verbni, Airfield Operations Trainer, Melbourne Airport

Success stories

Because Passport will consolidate so many of your existing legacy systems, we know making the decision to move is a big one.  So don’t just take our word for it, see what our existing customers think.

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Flexible Pricing

Passport is affordable for every airport size.  Whether Regional or International, just pick and choose what you need or go unlimited!


Per Assessment

We are looking to manage a handful of qualifications.

Just a few companies and/or our own internal training.

1-300 candidates will be using the system.


Per User

We've got quite a few qualifications to track.

Around 30 to 50 companies and our own departments.

500 - 2,000 candidates will be using the system.



We have hundreds of assessments & qualifications to manage.

Our airport is pretty big. We have 80 - 2,000 companies who work here.

I lost count of our candidate and users. Definitely more than 2,000.

Passport in Action.

Check out how Gatwick Airport in the UK utilises AIRDAT Passport and our onsite training services to create a safer environment, streamline time-consuming processes and ensure the airport gets all the insights required to be able to make effective decisions as the ITN Productions crew joins the team for the day. 

Left wanting more?

No worries. There are lots of features we couldn’t fit on this page, so why not request a demo or get in touch for a chat and let us make your day?