ADA permit at Perth Airport

– a new holistic approach to managing the Airside Driving process

The Challenge

Perth Airport was managing the Airside Driving process across several mediums. All manner of paper, spreadsheets, word docs, permit generators and systems were being used to manage the elements of the Airside Driving and ultimately none interacting with each other. Additionally,  it was important to Perth Airport to continue using Cornerstone, a platform to recruit, train and manage people. AIRDAT was enlisted to bring it all together.

“It was very important to Perth Airport that internal staff records were maintained within Cornerstone. We spent the necessary time mapping these requirements and building a bespoke integration to meet these needs. Which ensured satisfaction across all Perth Airport departments.”

Jennifer Tumbri, Project Manager - AIRDAT

The Solution

AIRDAT worked closely with Perth Airport to create a holistic approach to the Airside Driving process and ensure key requirements were met for the Cornerstone integration.  Other integrations with card provider ADVAM, the accounting system TechnologyOne and Noggin also formed part of this solution for the airport.

All aspects managed for Perth Airports Airside Operator Licence Application, agreement generation and vehicle permitting process.

One integrated system to manage all aspects of Airside Driver training and compliance management.

The VISA App brings it all together for auditing fleet and trianing, issuing non-compliances and managing training.

A new integration, built bespoke to Perth Airports requirements to continue to use the Cornerstone system for internal staff records and launching eLearning. Other integrations with card provider ADVAM, the accounting system TechnologyOne and Noggin also formed part of this solution for the airport.

Our project managers provided implementation support to bring all the information and stakeholders together for a smooth implementation.


Airside Drivers


Airside Companies


Airside Vehicles


Simple Solution

The Result

AIRDAT provided one integrated system to manage the whole Airside Driving process for people, fleet and operator assurance (Airside Operator Licence). AIRDAT delivered a unique integration addressing Perth Airports needs with Cornerstone and ensured eLearning was launched and records retained within both systems – a key requirement for Perth Airport.

Perth Airports stakeholders now have one, clear integrated system for all their Airside Driving needs.

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“Before AIRDAT we had paper files for driving and vehicle permit applications and separate (some multiple) databases for driver, vehicle and demerit point records. None of them linked. AIRDAT brought all these together into one self-service portal and that in itself is a huge advantage”

Darren McKenzie, Aviation Safety Manager - Perth Airport

The VISA solution in action

See how Perth used the AIRDAT Visa App as part of their solution to manage People, fleet, training and audit.

Want one simple holistic system?

One holistic system to bring together all your Airside Driver needs and provide one simple and easy process for all your stakeholders.

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