Project Support Services

The changing of a current process, whether the process is paper-based, partially digital or migrating from another piece of software, can require significant time to implement successfully. Our team has experience successfully implementing and migrating new software and systems at multiple airports around the world.

Project Implementation and Transition Services

As part of this optional support, we will work closely with your team to learn every nuance of your current processes and develop a personalised suite of planning documents to ensure the project is driven to schedule and successful.

To suit your airports’ specific needs there are three levels of support to choose from:  Basic, Intermediate and Comprehensive

Experience in all areas of the operation

The AIRDAT Project Management team have good understanding and experience within all areas of the airport operation, meaning whomever your project may impact, you can be sure we know (and have planned for!) the implications:

Implementation and Transition Services for aviation- Key Features

Communication and Media

When dealing with potentially thousands of airport employees of varying occupations, we will develop airport specific posters and brochures for distribution. Utilising email distribution software, should you wish, we will use your airport's domain so the emails appear to have originated from your team.

Risk Assessment and Actions

Utilising on years of aviation experience and through stakeholder interviews, we determine what your airport specific implementation risk items are and provide recommended actions.

Project Planners

We work with you and your timescales. We will provide you with a range of tracking documents from high level to detailed action tracking so that you are able to report back easily to the business.

Process Flow Charting

We will provide a flow chart of new and old processes to determine efficiencies. A process flowchart is a great tool for training airport users in the new AIRDAT process and how it will intrinsically work with the airports current processes.

Problem Solving

A problem is just an opportunity in disguise! Should an item arise which may cause an issue, we will work with you to quickly develop options and move forward with the project with as little or no impact to the project timescales.

Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures are the foundation for airport operations. Either using your airport procedure template or ours, we will interview staff and review current processes to provide a detailed operating procedure for the new AIRDAT processes.

Driven Timescales

We will keep on top of deadlines for you and provide action owners with reminders and assistance to ensure the project is delivered on time.

One-on-One Workshops

We will provide one-on-one training and user acceptance testing with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure the transition is smooth and you are the subject matter experts. Either in person or by screen share software, we will step through the new AIRDAT processes and provide immediate feedback and track arising actions.

Development of a New Process

Perhaps your airport is yet to create an airside driver infringement system or simply want a review on a current process. We can assist in building a new process specific to your airport and design a communication plan for dissemination to your stakeholders.

Want a smooth implementation?

Our team have delivered numerous projects on time and on budget for our clients. Why not use us on your next one?

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