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eLearning Overview

Traditional ‘in person’ training has its place in the world. It’s something AIRDAT provide for multiple course types and we wouldn’t want that to change. But in many cases, well-constructed eLearning courses can enhance course delivery, or be used as a pre-requisite to help minimise classroom time.

The good news is that you can Author, Distribute, Track and Manage your eLearning courses (as well as your ‘in person’) using AIRDAT’s online training management system, Passport.  No software is required and no technical skills, it all done right from your web browser.  And if you need help with course assets or course writing, we have the experts on hand to help.

Any other benefits?  Yep – It’s a far more environmentally friendly way to deliver your training too!

eLearning in action

So, how can an eLearning course make all the difference to your trainers and your candidates? Check out our video:

AIRDAT eLearning Training


Because of the very (very) simple web-based Authoring tool, subject matter experts can work directly on the material, rather than needing an IT team to intervene. It also means updates are free and instant.


Target the people you'd like to train. Make it open to the community, or limit it to specific companies, qualification pre-requisites or individuals. Need an update? Send it out with a click and keep a version history.


How are people doing? Report on those who have successfully completed your training and go even deeper to see what responses people are giving and how much time they spend in each area of your course.


Need photos, videos, 3D models, 2D graphics, voice-overs or script ideas? We have a production team that can help and are ready to work in the airside environment. We also have a library of stock photos & images.

Course writing

Have the ideas but not the capacity to write the course and bring all the elements together? We can help. With 3 levels of course writing support, there will be a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Cost & Income

eLearning can reduce the cost of traditional 'in person' delivery substantially and increase the capacity of training assets. In addition, if you need to monetize your course, this is already part of the AIRDAT system.

Case study

The challenge

Manchester Airport needed to deliver out contractor induction training to those working at the airport delivering the £1bn transformation programme without increasing the internal headcount, utilising additional facilities or causing unnecessary travel for contractors.  Once training was completed, a record had to be sent to the airports’ Permit to Work system, which would then allow the individual to be placed on the permit.

The audience

Over 5,000 contractors from approximately 1,000 companies would be required to go through this training over a 12 to 18 month period.

The solution

AIRDAT Passport was utilised with its nimbleAuthor eLearning integration to allow Manchester to build their own course material.  Course review services were provided prior to launch and shortly following this, the training was released to the community.  The additional Gemsoft7 P2W integration was set up to allow training data to be imported into the airports’ Permit to Work system each night.

The outcomes

Manchester Airport met its regulatory requirements by delivering out Contractor Inductions to all those seeking to work on site.  Furthermore, there was no increase in internal headcount and no extra facilities required.  The course also was monetized, the proceeds of which have been put into improving and building further course material and other safety-related activities.  All training data is passed automatically to the airport for import into their Permit to Work system, streamlining the process and minimising administration.

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