Airport assurance, fleet management, training & compliance solutions.

AIRDAT provide airport systems and services that improve safety and compliance standards, minimise accidents and incidents, and streamline processes to reduce operational costs.

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Our products and services

Whether it's your airport assurance, training, fleet, risk or operation that poses the challenge, we have the people, systems, expertise and experience to help. AIRDAT has supported some of the industries largest (and smallest) projects in the following areas:


Turnkey, fully customisable web and mobile cloud solutions that enable airports to take control of their training schemes, assurance and fleet. Need something bespoke? We can help.

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As the worlds largest independent trainer of airside driving, we know a thing or two about planning, creating, delivering and developing both small and large scale training schemes.

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Agile/Lean Project Managers, experts in Risk Assessment & Audit, or high volume billing services - we have the team & structure to help. Need your own? We also assist with outsourcing.

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How we can help

Our systems and services provide benefits across the entire breadth of the airport eco-system. ITN Productions dropped in to see how this works for Gatwick Airport as part of the Airport Operators Association 'Airport Matters' programme:

Airport operators

Manage stakeholder quality assurance, airside fleet standards and all airport training schemes. Ensure all companies, vehicles, equipment and people meet the standards you set.

Training providers

Manage course scheduling, bookings and training assets, including rooms & documents. Author & distribute eLearning courses, perform online assessments and issue permits and certificates.

Stakeholder companies

Apply for operator agreements, manage fleet and request vehicle permits, manage employee training bookings, set and monitor compliance and competency based on job role, generate reports.


Make and manage training bookings, launch eLearning courses, review results and track competency, submit course feedback, view points offence issues, and communicate with trainers.

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Whether it's world-leading course material, new terminal ORAT support, or reducing incident likelihood by nearly three times the normal rate, we've done it. What can we do for you?