For the first time since January 2020, our team has been able to get together for our annual company day.

There was lots to discuss with two and a half years of exciting developments, changes and features. The AIRDAT team has shrunk and grown again! And we almost had the full AIRDAT team present, missing just a few on the day.

Here is the company day highlights from each department:

Our development and design department has added several new software, processes and features which save time and improve quality.

Such as:

The Training team has expanded 5 fold with work ramping up at Luton, Gatwick and two other airports interested in our ADP training program.

The Sales and Marketing team are focused on the post pandemic world, looking to build brand awareness and help the airports with the challenges that they are facing.

Releasing articles to help the airport community such as – How to recruit and train thousands with ease and Could airport security training ease the aviation crisis?.

As well as making AIRDAT completely carbon neutral and working towards ISO27001 and ISO45001.

The Support Team were very proud to announce their 99% customer satisfaction record – even through the pandemic times! Support has carried the AIRDAT team and we are eternally grateful to them and the work they have done over the last two years.

To wrap up such a positive day, we invited along speaker Charlie Hoare to talk to us about motivation.

In a recovering pandemic world, what drives us forward is different to what it was pre-pandemic. Charlie helped us discover what motivates each of us now, how to keep focused and keeping working toward our personal and business “Mt Everest” goals.

The AIRDAT team is very excited to leap into the next chapter and all that 2022/23 may bring! As a team, we know we can get through anything together!