With everything going on in the world at the moment, the prospect of running ‘in person’ courses might not yet be something you or your team are comfortable with.  Video conferencing goes some way to providing an alternative to in-person courses and there are some fantastic conference tools out there including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and of course, Zoom. 

One of the issues with trying to organise courses using these tools, is all the ancillary elements have to be arranged separately.   The billing, bookings, invites, documentation, agenda, delivery, assessment and feedback.  Usually these are taken care of with a telephone, card machine, a series of emails, a calendar invite and a lot of time and effort! 

Our new Passport Webinar feature allows airports and trainers to use their favorite video conference tool and create, promote, and organise everything to do with their new ‘virtual’ course, in one easy to use area. 

Courses can be offered on Passport as normal, with candidates able to book (and pay) 24/7 – with a ‘one click’ option to add to their calendar.  They’ll get a full agenda for the day and access to course documentation.  When it’s time to start learning, an automated email will remind candidates 5 minutes prior with a quick link to the course.  And, if they realise they can’t make it, they can inform the trainer with a single click.

Accessing the course dashboard no longer requires finding a long conference url.  Just log in to Passport and the system will jump you to the right place, with every tool you need including:

  • Attendance management area
  • Instant message widget
  • Poll widget
  • Live agenda 
  • Course documentation area
  • Online assessment area
  • Feedback widget 
  • Video link launch/edit tool

This new feature is available at no extra cost to all of our existing customers.  For more information on how to get started, head to our support article.  If you’d like to join us – we can get your airport up and running in next to no time – contact us here.