How many eLearning courses did your airport community launch last year? Are you tracking your projection for this year? How many elearning seats will you need next year? What’s the usage breakdown between your departments and which courses are launched the most?

So many questions, but in order to find them out, it takes a series of emails, reports, spreadsheets, calculations and a big dollop of your time each time. We hear you.

AIRDATs new eLearning Quota feature bypasses the chasing and gives you the insight and control you need to purchase exactly the number of seats required, and monitor usage live – all within the system. No emails. No chasing. No time wasted.

As part of our integration with nimble, this feature allows you to select how many elearning seats you need, whilst displaying a clear indication of any discounts applied for bulk purchases. You’ll even get usage notifications at key milestones. This new feature is free to use (and elearning prices have not increased!). We want you to see what we see – complete transparency and clarity.

Our new elearning quota dashboard allows you to save time, gain control and improve clarity.