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Onsite Training Overview

As one of the worlds largest independent trainers of Airside Drivers, we know a thing or two about planning, creating, delivering and developing both small and large scale training schemes.

We have developed programmes that span from a single day to 5-year fix term contracts, delivering courses from 8 to 20,000 candidates.

Whether you need assistance in pulling together training assets, writing world leading training material, or you require the temporary or permanent provision of training delivery from a highly qualified and experienced team – AIRDAT can help you.

Making Training Better

Sometimes it's the little touches that make all the difference. When we were asked to provide Airside Driver Training at Gatwick Airport in the UK, we wanted to make the candidates feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible, so they could focus on the material being delivered:

Onsite Training - Key features

Production services

These are the people that bring it all together. Pictures, graphics, videos, music, text, 2D, 3D models – multiple elements that when put together well can deliver some of the most engaging material around.

Training material

We create world-leading training material for some of the biggest airport operators around the globe. From concept to storyboard and through to delivery, our training and production team will ensure it hits the mark.


All of our trainers are highly qualified, experienced educators. Using RTITB and IOSH as benchmark qualifications for those on our team, they are passionate individuals with an eagerness to teach others.


We place a huge amount of importance on the environment that people learn in. Get it wrong and people will become uninspired, lose focus and are no longer engaged. We create spaces that help people learn.


If you're running training sessions, you're probably going to need a booking, testing, record keeping, pass issue and reporting system at some point. Say hello to AIRDAT Passport - comes as standard.


Whether you start delivering training out to 2 or 20,000 people, there will always be questions. In aviation, those questions can come any time of day. Fortunately, we have a 24hr support centre that can handle those.

Case study

The challenge

London Luton Airport required some assistance with the delivery of their airside driver training scheme as the airport experienced record growth.  They needed a solution that would improve the standard of training despite the increasing numbers of airside staff and vehicles the airport was experiencing.

Facilities, vehicles, materials, people, systems, equipment and the support team were all required as part of the delivery to ensure that there was no additional impact to the airports own facilities of staffing levels.

The audience

2,500 drivers from around 150 companies requiring Airside Driver, Manoeuvring Area, Free-Ranging and Runway training.

The solution

AIRDAT designed planned and delivered a solution to cover all requirements.  Our highly qualified, experienced training & design team put together new training material, sourced a training venue, equipment,  configured a new tour vehicle, testing computers and pass issue printers.  We decreased the number of participants on the course and utilised pre-course eLearning to help increase the amount of learning time whilst not impacting on classroom time.

The outcomes

The entire Airside Driver Training scheme at London Luton Airport has now been entrusted to the AIRDAT team.  Our Training Management System ‘Passport‘ ensures companies can book and manage training and reporting 24/7.  Candidate feedback shows that those attending the AIRDAT courses are thoroughly enjoying them and gaining a huge amount of knowledge and a better understanding of how to operate airside.  Even with the increased staff and vehicle numbers being experienced at the airport, overall accidents and incidents are down.

For the full story around the promises we made to London Luton Airport take a look at our news item here

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