Airside Operator Licence System

With Onboard, you can ask questions & collect answers the way YOU need.  With automated monitoring of changes and expiries, you can rest assured that organisations are compliant.

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Setting up a milestone question | AIRDAT Onboard

Tailor licence applications


Build, group and set the validity of the questions YOU need to ask to verify compliance.  Ground Handling, Airside and Landside Operators, all managed within a single system.

Flexible application responses


Collect responses in any way you like – text, tick boxes, uploads, dropdowns…and more.  Onboard makes life easy for your applicants too.

Milestone question and answers | AIRDAT Onboard
Risk assessment builder | AIRDAT Onboard

Monitor licence application milestones


Built in risk assessment tools and constant milestone monitoring help to minimise your risk profile.

Operator licence application history


Complete usage history tracking and consolidated communications ensure full audit capabilities for your scheme.

Application milestone comments | AIRDAT Onboard
Need fleet management too?

Airside Operator Licence System Onboard includes a full fleet management tool to allow for application, approval, print, issue and ongoing standards management.

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See how other Onboard features help airports manage assurance and fleet


Define your sign off process & manage billing, expiries and contract generation.

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Define, apply, approve, permit and drive – whilst maintaining fleet standards.

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Insights into the organisations and fleet at your airport for better decision making. 

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Sleep easy.

With AIRDAT Onboard you can be sure those operating around your campus meet the standards you set.  Let us help put your mind to rest.

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