Airport Assurance System

Whether your scheme needs several people to sign off, or just one, Onboard streamlines the process making sure every box is ticked before approval is given. 

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Application settings | AIRDAT Onboard

Sign off

Providing assurance

Group your questions and set associated approvers.  Need AIRDAT to pre-check for you?  No problem. Applications only progress once everything is in place. 


Assurance reporting

If no payment, no operator licence. If no operator licence, no fleet permit. If no sign off from insurance… the list goes on.  Luckily, Onboard takes care of all the ‘if’s. 

Expired application milestones | AIRDAT Onboard
Expiring milestones, milestone overview | AIRDAT Onboard


Track milestone validity

Insurance, Contracts, Policies, Risk Assessments, Agreements – they all have a limited life span.  Let Onboard track, remind and (where needed) restrict, until everything is up to date.


System generated

Forget the copy/paste into Word.  Onboard automatically generates dynamic Operator agreements based around your template, dropping the information in from approved applicant responses.

Digitally signing licence agreements | AIRDAT Onboard
Get the data you need.

Onboard provides access to live dashboards and reports that let you keep on top of your scheme and provide insights that improve decision making.

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See how other Onboard features help airports manage assurance and fleet


Audit ready at any time.  Confidence that operators meet the standards. 

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Define, apply, approve, permit and drive,  or impound  – whilst maintaining fleet standards.

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Insights into the organisations and fleet at your airport for better decision making. 

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Discover our other airport safety systems

Airport safety systems | AIRDAT Passport

Airport Safety System

Passport – Our training management and competencyairport safety system. Take control of airport training schemes with our cloud-based, flexible, easy to use training management and competency system. Plan, manage, deliver, record and report on any training – internal, and the whole airport community.

Airport safety systems | AIRDAT VISA

Airside Safety App

Visa – Ouraudit & training management smartphone app. Keep the operation moving without compromising safety.  The AIRDAT VISA Airport Training and Vehicle Audit Mobile App provides a holistic insight into your airport operation, wherever you are.

Airport safety systems | AIRDAT Bespoke

Aviation Software Development Company

Our team create tailored digital solutions to order. AIRDAT specialise in software development for the Aviation industry. With ahighly experienced team driven by agile values, we plan, deliver and maintain both web and mobile applications quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards.

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Airport Assurance System Onboard is all about making a labour-intensive process, quick and simple.  How about we start saving you some time and improve compliance?

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