Airport compliance is complex. So many rules to follow and chances to slip up.

AIRDAT Passport systems are used by airports worldwide to provide stakeholders with the tools to ensure everyone has understood the rules and requirements of the ever-changing airport environment to help everyone stay compliant.

However, sometimes things go wrong, people slip up and the Airport has to take action which may include issuing a penalty. Read more about issuing penalties here.

Now Airports can motivate their airside operators to earn points back with the Points Credits feature. 

AIRDAT have introduced a new automated feature, rewarding airport stakeholders on their continued compliance and safety. 

Airports now have the option to set the number of points to award back to individuals and the system does the rest!

Credit Points

The awarded person and their company are notified that points have been credited. What a great feeling!

Awarded Points

Monitor and analyse points issued versus points credited using dashboards, graphs and the VISA App!

Points credits summary

Everyone slips up sometimes and now Airports can offer a road to redemption that inspires safety and compliance.

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