AIRDATs new document collection feature has simplified and streamlined the requirement for documents to support training bookings and enrolments.  Workflow that allows trainers to approve or reject documentation in advance of training will help to save hours of administration and save unnecessary hassle for candidates.

Define what you need, include instructions, support documentation or an application form to complete.  Setup is simple and straightforward – find out more here.

Applications, Medical Certificates, Aeronautical Radio Certificates – anything a Trainer might require, supplied by the candidate or the company at the time of the booking saving Trainers countless hours chasing and collating documents.  Find out more how to book into training here

As soon as a candidate books a course or enrols in elearning, Document Approvers are sent an email to review the documents consolidated on the Reviewers Dashboard, complete with a preview window. For more information on approving reviewing documentation, please click here

 As documents are approved or rejected, Candidates and the Company Administrators are notified by email with helpful feedback from the Trainer if resubmission is required. Find out how to resubmit documentation.

This new feature is available to all customers now!  Built to save you time, administration, and provide an extra level of compliance – ready for your next audit!