Audit fleet details and keep track of when fleet have been audited using AIRDAT new Scan History feature. 

Audit fleet information remotely by scanning the secure QR code. 

  • Review fleet permit information and check for expired items, such as insurance certificates or vehicle standard certificates.
  • Review information supplied in the permit application to ensure the fleet is complying with the application conditions. 
  • Review or issue defect notices to the fleet which starts a workflow requiring action from the company who owns the fleet.

When fleet are scanned a record is created in the Scan History tab including who scanned the fleet, time, date and device ID. 

The device ID to track the location where the fleet was scanned – such as a security gate – and therefore track fleet access and positions around the airport.

Ensure fleet are safe and compliant for operational use and keep on top of where fleet are at the airport with AIRDATs new Scan History feature. 

Make your day, safer.