Training Management & Competency System

At an airport with multiple stakeholders and numerous training schemes, each with differing requirements, things can get a little challenging. AIRDAT Passport is here to help.

AIRDAT Passport Overview

AIRDAT Passport includes tools to help with trainer licensing, course booking & scheduling, trainer assets including people, rooms & documents, online test management, eLearning authoring & distribution, competency & skills tracking, licence & permit issue, penalty schemes, as well as a full reporting & credit control suite. AIRDAT Passport offers the complete solution, with benefits for the entire airport community.

Integrate Passport with VISA, our Audit & Training Management Smartphone App and you gain another layer of control.

How can AIRDAT Passport help?

Passport is used to manage complete airport training scheme catalogues, from end to end, whether landside or airside. This video outlines how Passport can be applied to your airside training schemes.

Passport - Key features

Easy to use

When things are slow and difficult to understand people tend not to use them. Passport keeps things simple and clear for users. This means minimal system training required and people are up and running in no time.


Measuring someone's competency at a particular task can be done in so many ways. Luckily with Passport, you can use online assessments, track time-based experience, practicals, eLearning and competency form checks.

Course management

Have you scheduled a course, then managed the subsequent bookings? Labour intensive, right? Passport sorts dates, times, durations, joining instructions, fees, cancellation terms and means you are open for business 24/7.

Trainer licensing

Want to licence third parties to deliver your training? It can be very beneficial to do this, but how do you ensure their qualifications remain valid and standards are maintained? Let Passport take care of this for you.

Training assets

Rooms, trainers & documents. Keep control of these elements and you’re on the way to maintaining a successful training operation. Passport makes it easy, avoiding double bookings and under utilisation.

Permit issue

Need to issue training permits? With Passport, the system generates permits ready to be printed via plastic card printers, labelling devices or good old fashion paper printers. No third party software required.

Competency & compliance

Training required vs training completed. That old chestnut. Forget the spreadsheets and highlighters, with Passport set the competencies against a job role and relax. You’ll achieve 100% compliance in no time.

Penalty schemes

Who's been causing issues out there? Well, with Passport, you know. So does the individual, their manager and the next stakeholder company at your airport they might be moving to. Complete transparency.

Reporting & billing

Throughout Passport, we have integrated the ability to generate the reports you need. Need another? Just ask. Want us to bill on your behalf? We already support over £1.6m of airport billing annually.

Customer testimonials

Want to improve compliance at your airport?

Large or small, whether you want a turnkey solution, or you'd like to customise & integrate with your existing systems, our team will help make Passport work for your airport.