Back in November, AIRDAT introduced their new ‘Accounts Credits’ feature. This advancement allowed companies who did not wish to use credit cards for product purchases on AIRDAT systems, to instead purchase ‘credits’ using a standard PO/invoice method.

The feature has been a huge success, with companies at airports all around the UK benefitting from it. At launch, the minimum purchase value for credits at our larger airports was set to £1,500 for credits that were valid for 2 years. This value prohibited the feature from being utilised by smaller organisations with a much lower annual spend level.

Following our successful trial, AIRDAT are pleased to announce that the minimum purchase value for system credits on Passport at Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow & Manchester airports has now been halved to £750. And, with further developments due to be completed by September which will streamline the process even more, we will be looking to drop this figure further to help open up the access for organisations of all sizes.

Our smaller airport partners will continue to benefit from their lower minimum purchase values, and we hope to bring these down further too in September.

With the ability to make purchases on the system using both credit card and accounts credits, the system provides complete flexibility to those needing to undertake training as the industry returns.

For more information, check our video below, or contact the support team via [email protected]