AIRDAT is pleased to announce the return of Airside Driver Training to London Luton Airport, delivered exclusively via AIRDAT Passport and our onsite team.

Working with the airport directly, the team has been able to pull together an entirely new, world-leading process. This provides Luton with the visibility, control and assurance they need, whilst helping to mitigate the COVID-19 risk for candidates and minimising renewal costs for companies operating over the summer period.

From today, ADP learning material will be delivered in the interim exclusively via an online eLearning course, available for enrolment via AIRDAT Passport.

This content includes a range of tailored live-action videos, imagery, iconography and quizzes that ensures learners remain engaged and have understood the material, prior to an assessment that is fully integrated into the course. 

Once completed, a certificate can be printed that will extend renewing permit holders ADP’s by up to 3 months, for just £35. 

For new drivers, once completing the eLearning material, they will be able to go on and book an Airside Tour to finalise their training. 

Our whole tour operation has been fully risk assessed and where possible, we have mitigated COVID-19 hazards to a minimum.   Our new processes include:

  • Drastically reduced numbers per course in the tour vehicle.
  • Candidates are required to complete a COVID Health Questionnaire prior to attending.
  • Candidates must bring their own face coverings to be worn at all times. 
  • Temperature checks prior to being accepted onto the course.
  • Candidates will be asked to utilise hand sanitiser at the start and end of the course.
  • Strict boarding and disembarking procedures to minimise any contact.
  • Where possible, windows will be left open to assist with better ventilation.
  • The training vehicle is thoroughly cleaned between sessions and further decontaminated using antiviral products each day.
  • Our team will be using appropriate PPE.

At the end of the tour, candidates will be issued with their Airside Driving Permits, valid for the full 3 years.   

In addition, we have new processes to enable Airside Driver Medicals to take place too – and continue to offer consolidated ‘ADP Medical + Airside Tour’ courses for convenience.  With our Stripe Card integration, it’s even easier to make and manage your bookings. 

Bringing all these elements together in such a tight timescale takes a huge amount of teamwork – especially when handled remotely too.  Our thanks go out to the LTN Ops team, in particular Liam Bolger & Caroline Madden.  In addition, internally, Chris Harvey and our Video Production team Mark Castro & Max Philo – it wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication.

Our team is really looking forward to welcoming you back airside at Luton during this new ‘normal’ – we promise there are big smiles behind the masks and we are very pleased to see you again! 
If you are an airport that needs to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with potentially limited resources, AIRDAT has the team and the tech to help.  Get in touch via [email protected] or 01227 200066.