AIRDAT build bespoke 3D animations to enhance the training experience for your candidates. 3D animations allow candidates to view training from a new perspective, improving engagement and helping to prepare them for real-life scenarios. 

Studies have shown that information displayed visually is understood and digested better than simply reading text. Furthermore, it has been proven that complex training is easier to comprehend when using examples, such as 3D animations. 

AIRDAT has itself experienced the benefit of 3D training videos, using them for their own candidates during Airside Driver Training. At airports where there are multiple training providers, AIRDAT trained candidates are 4.5 times less likely to be involved in an incident or accident. This is partly down to the way in which we present easily digestible, engaging information to our candidates.

AIRDAT can also build bespoke 3D animations for you too. Whether it’s Airside Driving, Airport Winter Operations or anything else that would benefit from the approach.

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