In response to the Covid Pandemic, AIRDATs ADP eLearning course was created in just 6 weeks with bespoke media, graphics and knowledge to ensure airport regulations were met. The ADP eLearning course has been a resounding success for the last almost a year and a half with almost 1500 candidates completing the course to date!

After submitting the AIRDAT ADP eLearning Course for the Nimble’s ‘Positive Business Impact’ category award, AIRDAT has received the following feedback from the Award Judges:

“This course has broken new ground in the aviation industry. A compliance course that has only ever been taught face-to-face. Not only have AIRDAT overcome industry hesitancy, but they also delivered it in record time with multiple parties involved. Well done!”

The award had proved extremely popular this year and AIRDAT were honoured to receive such complementary feedback.

AIRDAT congratulates all the award winners and participants in Nimble’s eLearning Awards – from the feedback received, “the standard of entries were outstanding”!

Find out more about AIRDATs ADP elearning at London Gatwick Airport –