Recently, we were asked by an airport to provide a list of Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) that, with the use of AIRDAT’s systems, would ensure compliance. 

We ended up with a multiple page document listing all the CAPs that would be solved by using AIRDAT systems.

Here are just some CAPs regulations that our systems help airports achieve compliance:

CAP 790 – Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme

Chapter 1 Safety Management and Accountability 2.1 “Aerodromes are required to implement a Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of CAP 168. An effective Safety Management System will include measures to provide assurance that drivers operating in the airside environment are competent to do so through the implementation of an Airside Driving Permit Scheme.”

Airside Driving penalties are issued either through our App or on the web-browser. A notification is sent to both the offender and the offenders company. Driver infringement data feeds into live reports and dashboards, including heatmaps to trend hot spots on penalties by area and/or by company.

CAP 790 – Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme

Chapter 3 ‘A’ ADP – Airside Roads and Apron 2.2 “Records of training and assessments for the ‘A’ permit must be retained. Third-party trainers/assessors must ensure that records are available for audit by the aerodrome operator.

The Aerodrome Operator controls the ADP test questions for third parties trainers and has complete oversight of the completed tests which are linked to the trainer and candidate. The Aerodrome Operator can conduce live audits from their desk to ascertain if certain third parties are obtaining an acceptable pass rate on ADP tests.

CAP642 – Airside Safety Management

Chapter 4 Operation of vehicles 4.39 “Vehicle defects should be recorded and reported to a competent person who has the authority to ensure that appropriate action is taken to rectify any defects found.

Raise a vehicle/equipment defect on our App or web-browser. The company manager is instantly notified and is required to close out the action. A vehicle permit cannot be applied for this vehicle/equipment until a rectification has occurred.

CAP393 – The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations

Part 10, Chapter 1 Endangering safety of an aircraft 240 “A person must not recklessly or negligently act in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft, or any person in an aircraft.”

Each company must submit their compliance risk and audit parameters which demonstrate how their operation impacts the airside environment. Our system is built to ensure that companies must comply to all the requirements an airport stipulate to ensure safe airfield operation and, at some airports, sign an agreement committing to the terms and conditions of the airfield.

Would you like to see the full CAP compliance list? Click here so we can share it with you.

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