In the past, when a candidate attended ADP, Maneuvering area, Free Ranging or Runway training with AIRDAT at Luton, a manual ‘Maintenance of Competency’ or ‘MoC’ record was added to their Passport profile in order to trigger email and dashboard notifications later in the year to advise that their annual eLearning MoC training was due to be carried out.

Once those candidates then completed the eLearning training, Passport was automatically primed send out reminders the following year.

What this meant is that two different records of training were written to a candidate’s profile, and when airport or company administrators were generating reports, they had to remember to select both the manual MoC record and the automatic one.

We didn’t feel this was very ‘AIRDAT’ – so as part of our latest release ‘COCHRAN’ we have proactively evolved the process! Now, updates to profiles are automatic whenever anyone successfully completes those courses. It means that when generating reports and viewing profiles, you’ll now see just a single ‘ADP Maintenance of Competency’ qualification.

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