There are important changes to the Gatwick invoicing process, this relates only to P2W permit and work requests and not any training.

Currently, invoices are generated and recovered by AIRDAT. However, from the 1st October, this will be changing. Invoices for the period of 1st October 2018 onwards will be generated, managed and collected by Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) directly. You will still receive invoices from AIRDAT for Gatwick training as usual and you should continue to pay these to AIRDAT.

Please note, the first invoice which you receive from GAL will be for the period of October 2018 and will be issued in November 2018. Invoices up to and including September 2018 will be issued in October 2018 by AIRDAT following the current process. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Up to the 30th September 2018From the 1st October 2018
Issued by AIRDAT in OctoberIssued by GAL in November
To be paid to AIRDATTo be paid to GAL

Please note: If funds for P2W invoices are deposited incorrectly into the AIRDAT bank account after the 1st October 2018, a minimum administration fee of £6.95 will be charged to correct the error.