Each year Gatwick Airport audits airside companies against their Airside Operator Licence (or AOL), with a strong focus on the risk assessment that is supplied during the application.  AIRDAT supports the Gatwick compliance team with this work, providing European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved and IOSH trained auditors to collate the details and generate a report for the airport to review.

Companies can sometimes feel concern around the potential of an audit, so to help prepare for this process, AIRDAT is now providing ‘Preparing for audit’ seminar sessions at their Timberham House training centre each month.  AIRDAT have worked closely with the GAL Compliance Team to put together a course that will help companies understand exactly what the airport is looking for during this process, so they can feel confidently prepared if selected.

Courses can be booked via the Passport system, by searching for ‘AOL audit seminar’ in the bookings area.  Details of how to book a course in Passport can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about AIRDAT’s Risk and Audit services, check out the dedicated area on our site here