Driving greater airside compliance at Melbourne Airport with the implementation of the VISA App

At the scan of a QR code, Airside Safety Officers at Melbourne Airport can now view a user’s profile using their mobile device. Using AIRDAT’s VISA App, an Airside Safety Officer can check user information such as:

  • qualification currencies
  • course bookings made to manage upcoming expiries
  • penalty point history
  • user contact information
  • company name and contact
  • notes made on their profile

Additionally, with the release of the Advanced Auditing tool, approved Melbourne Airport staff are able to audit specific training records using a targeting search on the VISA App.

Launched in Melbourne Airport from September 2017, using these 5 simple steps,
the VISA App also allows Airside Safety Officers to issue penalty points to users using their mobile device:

Step 1: Scan users QR code
Step 2: Select penalty and type (can be cautionary or points)
Step 3: Attach photos and evidence
Step 4: Drop the pin on the location of the penalty
Step 5: Add any notes

Once issued, a notification with the point information and airport specific instructions is sent to both the user and the company manager.

AIRDAT Managing Director, Charles Cardwell stated “With the VISA App, Melbourne Airport have a real-time penalty point reporting system. The data collected from a penalty point feeds into a raft of graphs and data tables for export. Melbourne Airport can drill down on data by scheme, company and date range. One of the best features is the penalty point heat map which shows hotspots around the airfield.”

The VISA App will dramatically reduce the amount of administration involved with airside operator penalties and improve record keeping and compliance standards.

AIRDAT provide systems and services that improve safety and compliance standards, minimise accidents and incidents, and streamline processes to reduce operational costs. More information on our VISA App can be found here