Manchester Airport implements AIRDAT Passport to induct every contractor working on site.

Today AIRDAT Passport launches at Manchester Airport. The system will be used to induct some 5,000+ contractors who will be working around the airport over the next 12 months and onwards to deliver their £1bn transformation programme. It forms part of the groups Permit to Work process, and will leverage Passports existing integration with the Gemsoft P2W system. It means that contractors are able to register and train their team 24/7, with data being sent to the airports Permit to Work system automatically.

The new scheme provides a registration area for staff/managers to create profiles, then go on to complete the online eLearning contractor induction course. Once completed, training records are written to AIRDAT (that can be seen/verified by individuals, company managers and the airport) and data is passed to the Permit to Work system which validates individuals have the training they require, prior to being placed onto a work permit.

Over the coming months, further training will be added to the system, including ‘in person’ course management and additional eLearning content. Because eLearning courses can be created using a simple, intuitive cloud-based platform (no need for local software or a tech team – just a browser and some inspiration) – subject matter experts can directly build, distribute and update courses in no time.

With the advent of AIRDAT VISA, the company’s smartphone app which links with Passport, it will make individual training management and airport mobile audit at Manchester more accessible and transparent than ever.

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