In November 2015 AIRDAT was awarded the contract to deliver all onsite Airside Driver, Manoeuvring Area, Free-Ranging and Runway training to the community at London Luton Airport, as well as the online systems to support this.

Since that point, the team have been covering interim training requirements, re-writing material, collecting training assets, purchasing equipment and configuring systems to accommodate the new scheme, and are on track to push out re-worked elements from April 2016 onwards.

What has been made clear in the few months of interim cover, is that there is a higher level of demand for this training, most likely on account of the record growth and huge scale of works (£110 million) going on at the airport to help improve the passenger experience and increase capacity to 18 million passengers (a 50% increase on numbers currently enjoyed)

In order to ensure supply meets demand for the future, AIRDAT has committed to a full-time resource on-site at Luton, and in addition are looking to source their own training venue to take pressure off the already oversubscribed training centre which caters for the existing courses.

This means we will be able to offer courses every day of the week and cover the increased demand in the run-up to the summer schedule. Once implemented, AIRDAT will have 3 trainers covering these requirements and in addition, will provide:

  • Enhance training materials – Including live action video and 3D modelling that will help communicate out subject matter, orchestrated by highly experienced trainers
  • Decrease the number of candidates attending each course for more 1 on 1 time and a more comfortable training environment.
  • Increase the number of available dates to ensure stakeholders have the choice they need and training does not delay a candidate being operationally ready.
  • Online testing with every session. A unique test for every person, with photos, video and language support, all stored and auditable.
  • A dedicated, air-conditioned training vehicle increasing comfort for participants
  • Produce and distribute ADP permits the same day as training is completed, removing the need to attend the ID centre separately.
  • Provide 24hr online booking/reporting and management system to all stakeholders, helping you to maintain 100% compliance.
  • Delivery of training through both e-Learning and onsite sessions.
  • Provide back office support via email, telephone and online ticketing system with our friendly, helpful team.
  • Simple, clear, consolidated monthly invoicing for all your training, with multiple payment methods.

All these improvements and changes will be rolled out over the coming months and we are looking forward to welcoming you.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions in the meantime, please do contact us via [email protected] or 01227 2000 66.