Things change quickly in aviation. With the huge amount of investment we have experienced in recent years from airports as they struggle to keep up with demand and make improvements to appeal to an ever-growing, selective market, the airside environment can change drastically from one day to the next.

Add to this changes in regulation, operation and possibly the very services your company is delivering, and very soon the risk assessment that was in place to cover your operation at a particular airport, can become out of date.

AIRDAT have provided Airside Driving Risk Assessment consultancy services to companies for several years, and these are usually taken up by those companies who are new to the environment, would like to expand their understanding, or are time limited when it comes to the preparation of this important document – especially when it is related to an application to operate airside.

With this in mind, AIRDAT has now created a Risk Assessment refresher product, that is available to those customers who have previously utilised our consultancy services.

Our team will work with you (or your new Managers) to work through your existing documentation and highlight the changes that have occurred since it was last reviewed. The slightly shorter process than the initial meeting is reflected in the pricing that is offered at £200.

If it is time to renew your operator’s licence, or if your assessment requires a periodic update, the Airside Driving Risk Assessment Refresher service is for you. If you are a new company to aviation or require a full initial consultation, we can still provide these at the same competitive rate of £350.

To make a booking, please contact the team.