You know something has gone extremely well in aviation when there is little mention of it in the likes of the Daily Mail and the Sun.

The first champagne corks were popped open at a bar next to check-in as early as 8.30am at Heathrow’s bright new Terminal 2 on Wednesday. But not, as a spokesman hurried over to point out, by airport management or staff. Caution, contingency planning and a thorough dose of public humility had marked the buildup to the opening of the £2.5bn terminal.

AIRDAT are proud to be associated with facilitating this smooth opening, supplying staff working on behalf of Arup to deliver out stakeholder training to all those operating at the Queens Terminal, in a major training programme that began many months before the doors officially opened to the public.

The task was to deliver out familiarisation and technical training to nearly 20,000 individuals that covered every inch of the T2 operation, ensuring stakeholders knew where things were and how they operated from the moment the doors opened.
We received fantastic feedback, both from our partners at Arup, and from the Stakeholders that attended the training, and special thanks go out to Peter Clay, Narcisa Rodrigues and Simon Heath who headed up our presence at Heathrow.

At AIRDAT, we love large scale challenges, so if your plans demand the type of response that was demonstrated here, resulting in clear, tangible results, please contact us.