Penalties & Defects

Airside penalty app

Sometimes, things aren’t the way they should be.  It’s important to move quickly.  Let VISA help. 

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Penalty history | AIRDAT VISA

Track airside penalties

Penalty History

Knowing someone’s full history is important when weighing up a course of action.  VISA provides you with the insight you need.  

Review vehicle history

Fleet Defects

‘I’m sure this was broken last week?’ – Now you can know for sure, with a full vehicle history check in a single scan.   

Fleet profile with defects | AIRDAT VISA
Add penalties | AIRDAT VISA

Airside penalty app

Add Penalties

VISA streamlines the penalty process.  Penalty, locations, times and evidence can all be added in a few swipes, with automated notifications. 

Vehicle defect reporting

Add Defects

Categorise and record defects with location data and evidence.  Auto export to your incident reporting system and even process fines too.

Add defect | AIRDAT VISA
Need to run competency assessments too?

AIRDAT VISA lets you configure and run bespoke competency assessments without the need for paper. 

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See how other VISA features help airports audit and manage training

Training Audit

Securely access and audit training information in an instant.

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Fleet Audit

Stop or go?  Now you know with a simple scan. 

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Manage & Assess

Manage Training & run competency assessments without the need for paper trails.

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Empower your team

With airside penalty app VISA, you can provide your team with the tools they need to improve compliance.

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