An early Christmas gift from AIRDAT to you! A FREE integration with the DVLA!

Our Onboard users in the UK will get to enjoy the Holiday season a little more this year with a special gift from the AIRDAT team. This new integration with the DVLA will save time and improve the quality and consistency of vehicle data.

When adding fleet to the Onboard system, the vehicle registration number is checked against the DVLA and the details of the vehicle are automatically populated! 

No need to scurry around looking for paperwork or dashing out to the car to get vehicle logbooks, the information is instantly there and accurate to the DVLA record!

This vehicle information is automatically inserted this vehicle information from the DVLA: 

  • Make
  • Model
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Fuel Type
  • Engine size

And opens up the door to more data – such as CO2 emissions, verifying tax and MOT status!

This holiday, AIRDATs gift to you is improved data quality and a little more time.

Have a happy and safe holiday!