We love evolving with new technology, environments and regulations! We are an agile team, after all! For those who aren’t in the know – Developing using agile values enable us to react more quickly to change and speeds up our development whilst allowing us to continue to deliver high-quality products. If you’d like to learn more about agile, check out this link .

So, you’ve stumbled on our little article or have clicked through deciding ‘Yes! I want to know more about your forthcoming evolution’. We won’t babble any longer – here is what you’re after:

Outside of some design tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements, this release is all about partnerships. We love ‘em. Check out some of the fantastic integrations that are now ready to be used in our systems:

Passport is even more flexible after integrating with e-learning providers SAP Litmos and Cornerstone OnDemand.

What does it do? eLearning gives candidates the opportunity to complete courses from the comfort of their home or office. Now you can seamlessly connect, distribute, launch and fee back results via AIRDAT Passport with both Cornerstone OnDemand and SAP Litmos.

What does it mean? Passport is already integrated with several e-learning providers, this update provides even more flexibility for airports around their choice of eLearning providers.

Want more information? Find out more about Cornerstone OnDemand, or see what Litmos can offer your organisation.

Incident reporting streamlined with our Noggin Integration

What does it do? Issue a vehicle defect from AIRDAT Onboard or a point in AIRDAT Passport (or our Visa App!) and the Noggin safety platform receives the information, triggering the pre-defined workflows and notifications.

What does it mean? The best of both systems. Use AIRDAT to manage fleet and your penalty schemes and submit to Noggin as your central safety & security reporting platform – no more double entry!

Want to know more? Noggin’s software provides all of the tools needed to manage any type of disruption. From crisis management, to work safety, risk management, intel & case management, emergency management and more – Noggin is your one-stop-shop for enterprise resilience – https://www.noggin.io

Core HR Integration for end-to-end employee management

What does it do? A seamless link between corehr and AIRDAT Passport, allowing candidates to launch eLearning training from within corehr, with assessment results fed back automatically.

What does it mean? No need to jump between two systems for training, or manually bulk upload training results. Let AIRDAT Passport do the heavy lifting and make life easier.

Want to know more? corehr is an end-to-end solution provides fully integrated Payroll, People Management, Workforce Management, Talent, Recruitment and Analytics – https://www.corehr.com/

OKTA Single Sign-on

What does it do? AIRDAT Passport and our VISA App are now integrated with OKTA Single Sign.

What does it mean? As an OKTA user, there is no need to remember your login credentials for AIRDAT Passport or VISA App. Simply log in to your OKTA account and click on the AIRDAT Passport Chiclet. Access rights are now controlled centrally via your organisations IT department.

Want to know more? Give your employees simple and secure access to the tools they want, while still maintaining control of your IT environment. – https://www.okta.com

So, when can I expect this update?

We evolve every month on a schedule split by hemisphere.  This month you can expect update BONNEY as follows:

For our friends down under
0000-0400 ADST
on Thursday 27th of June
For our UK buddies
1900-0400 BST
on Monday 1st of July

Never fear! There will be no disruption or downtime. But if you see evolutionary anomalies let us know at [email protected] and we’ll get right on it!