No more queuing for airside companies at Melbourne Airport, they will now apply for vehicle permits from the comfort of their office.

In late August 2017, AIRDAT paid a visit to Melbourne Airport to assist in the rollout of AIRDAT Onboard Airside Operator Licence and Vehicle Permitting system.

From the 1st of September 2017, Melbourne Airport can rest assured that companies wanting to work at their airport go through a registration process designed specifically to Melbourne Airport’s requirements. Airport companies now submit insurance documents, enter information about their operation and safety management systems for Melbourne Airport to approve, prior to being able to apply for an airside vehicle permit online using AIRDAT Onboard.

The changing of a current process, whether the process be paper-based, partially digital or migrating from another piece of software, can require significant time to implement successfully. The AIRDAT team worked closely with Melbourne Airport to learn every nuance of the current processes and develop a personalised suite of planning documents to ensure this project was driven to schedule and was successfully implemented.

After an airside company makes payment and clicks the submit button, Melbourne Airport will be able to review airside vehicle applications, any attachments and if needed use a comments section to communicate with the airside company. Once Melbourne Airport approves the application two things will happen:

1 – The airside company will be notified that their permit is approved and ready for collection.

2 – A permit is generated and formatted to fit Melbourne Airport’s template when printed.


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