Exeter Airport implement AIRDAT Onboard to manage Airport Companies and permit their airside fleet.

AIRDAT has partnered with Exeter Airport to deliver the Onboard assurance and fleet management system at the key regional transport hub. Onboard enables the airport to efficiently assess companies applying to operate vehicles airside.

AIRDAT’s Managing Director Charles Cardwell, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Exeter Airport to provide a Quality Assurance system tailored to meet the organisation’s key airside licensing requirements.

“Stakeholder companies can apply for an operator, ground handling and coaching agreements through the simple, intuitive online tool – guided by experienced staff. And when a company proves successful, they can then go on to manage their company fleet.”

The launch at Exeter follows Onboard’s recent success at Gatwick, Luton, Wellington and Melbourne airports, where the system helps stakeholder companies avoid uninsured risks and maintain compliance standards.

Andy Barton, Safety, Airfield & Compliance Manager at Exeter Airport, said: “The introduction of Onboard at Exeter has brought us a greater level of oversight compliance of safety assured on airside driving activities thereby helping us to achieve our requirements to The airside 3rd parties than we have had previously. The system has allowed us to become more EASA certification. The AIRDAT Team have been really helpful and fully supportive throughout the implementation and continue to assist Exeter and its airside users in the licensing process.”

For more information, visit https://airdat.wpengine.com/products/aol

About Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport, operated by Regional & City Airports (RCA), provides air links to 50 destinations handling in excess of 800,000 passengers, making it critical to businesses in the South West as a regional transport and Royal Mail hub. It is also an integral component of the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point which is a significant infrastructure investment project unrivalled in size in the UK.