I'm a candidate who needs to register, book or adjust a course, check on my training records or view my registered details.



I'm a Company Manager who needs to register, add or review staff records, make bookings or check on registered details.



I'm a Training Company Manager or trainer needing to perform a test, review candidates' information or manage course bookings.


Airport Operator

I'm an Airport Operator or Airport Operations Manager that needs to manage my airport/airside training schemes.


Training Management System

Welcome to AirDAT's Training Management System. Whatever your role, AirDAT helps you manage your complete Airside Driving & Airport Training programmes. With thousands of users aligned with hundreds of Airside companies based at multiple International Airports, AirDAT is the proven choice for those wanting to take control of their training schemes and can form part of a robust SMS. Watch our video below to see how AirDAT can make your life easier.

Watch our AirDAT guide

We all know training is integral to maintaining safety standards, but did you know AirDAT is integral to maintaining training standards? Find out how AirDAT can improve the way you manage your Airside Training, click above!