Airside Driving Simulator Integration

AIRDAT’s partnership with Tern Systems brings an exciting new dimension to your airside driver training – seamlessly integrating AIRDAT Passport Airport Training and Management System with the Orion Driver Simulator to transform your airside training approach, enhance safety standards, and improve efficiency at your airport. Contact us today to explore how our solution can revolutionise your airside driver training.

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Airside Driving Simulator Integration Overview

At AIRDAT we understand the challenges busy airports face in getting access to live runways for airside driver training as well as the high investment costs and complexities usually involved with traditional driving simulators.

Our integrated driving simulator solutions offer a high quality, realistic and cost effective way to improve the safety and efficiency of delivering airside driver training – from handling high risk scenarios such as snow clearing to adapting to infrastructure changes within the airport environment. Fully integrated with AIRDAT Passport Training and Competency Management System, you can streamline your airside training management, from bookings and assets to full training history profiles and competency checks – in one easy to use system.

Why choose AIRDAT’s Airside Driving Simulator Integration? 

  • Easily identify known incident hotspots and improve safety standards at your airport with generic and customised airport models developed by aviation experts
  • Lower investment costs than traditional simulators, designed to run on lightweight computers using gaming engine software with ultra realistic simulations for a first class VR/AR training experience.
  • Improves user learning experience and training delivery by offering a blended learning approach to airside driving training combining driving simulations with eLearning and practical tests.
  • Increases efficiencies, minimises data duplication between systems, automates your training administration and quickly set up training scenarios with 24/7 access.
  • Gain cost savings in training administration and asset usage – and easily monetise your airside training courses.
  • Manage your training bookings, assets and trainers in one flexible, easy to use system.
  • Improve safety standards at your airport – Passport provides the full training history on user profiles and streamlines competency checks.
Charles Cardwell | AIRDAT

"By integrating Passport, AIRDAT’s cloud-based, flexible training management and competency system with Tern System’s state-of-the-art Orion Simulator, we believe we’ve created a highly effective, innovative and streamlined approach to Airside Driver Training"

Charles Cardwell, AIRDAT CEO

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Don’t let the challenges of accessing live runways or the high costs associated with traditional simulators hinder your airside driver training program. Choose AIRDAT’s integrated driving simulator to transform your airside driving training, enhance safety standards, and improve efficiency at your airport. Contact us today to explore how our solution can revolutionise your airside driver training experience.

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Ready to revolutionise your airside driving training?

AIRDAT’s integrated driving simulator will transform your airside driving training, enhance safety standards, and improve efficiency at your airport. Get in touch and request a short demo today.

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