In partnership with the Australian Airports Association and NZ Airports Association, AIRDAT are sponsoring the 2019 Airport Safety week. This year’s theme is ‘Our Airport, Our Community’, a sentiment echoed by AIRDAT. As sponsor, AIRDAT were asked the following questions:

Why did AIRDAT decide to get involved in airport Safety Week?

For several years, AIRDAT has participated in the UK Airport Operators Association Safety Week. Airport safety week is a great initiative that gets everyone in the airport community thinking about the uniqueness of airport safety, much of which is managed using AIRDAT’s systems. 

How will AIRDAT be showing your support during the week?

In the UK, we host an on-airport stall all week and share safety initiatives with the airport community. As we are unable to be present at all of the airports we provide systems to in Australia and New Zealand, we are donating 5 iPads as a prize to the airport who provides us in 200 words or less how 5 iPads would make their day easier, better and safer (read on for information on how to enter).

What difference do events like Airport Safety Week make to the industry?

Airport Safety Week gets everyone involved – from ground handler to contractor to administrator. Airport Safety Week brings awareness to hazards at an airport and how we can all work to reduce the risks. The Airport Safety Week brings not only the local airport community together but airports around the globe and, as a collective, share learnings to help make airports safer around the world.

The theme this year is ‘Our airport, our community’ – how important is that sense of community in promoting airport safety?

Every role at an airport impacts each other in one way or another. It is imperative that the airport community work as one to ensure a safe airport environment. Our systems and apps help streamline this process, providing transparency and clarity around training, safety, assurance and fleet.  This ensures that as an airport community, safety is addressed in the best way possible – together. 

Win 5 iPads for your airport!

For the chance to win 5 iPads for your airport tell us in 200 words or less how the iPads could make your day easier, better, safer?

Enter the competition

Competition closes 25th October at 1700 AEDST