London, May 2017 — AIRDAT, a leading provider of systems, training and consultancy services to the aviation industry, this month announced the launch of its latest product — a smartphone audit and training app named VISA, developed in partnership with Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL).

VISA adds to the growing number of products AIRDAT is developing to help drive higher compliance and safety levels and lower levels of incidents and accidents at some of the world’s busiest airports.

Charles Cardwell, Managing Director of AIRDAT, said: “We’ve partnered with Gatwick Airport for more than a decade to deliver solutions that improve efficiency without negatively impacting safety. The AIRDAT VISA SmartPhone App has been tailored to help GAL meet industry requirements, reduce management time and improve compliance and safety standards across the airport.

“The app was developed with busy airport workers in mind. It provides mobile access to all of their training, booking, points and eLearning information and is linked to the AIRDAT Passport Training Management system. This means users can utilise their existing credentials to log in and manage their profiles on the go.”

Ian Chalk, Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Gatwick Airport has been working alongside AIRDAT on the project. Ian said: “We are excited to launch the AIRDAT VISA app. Our goal was to improve performance airside and to provide a central repository for the right level of information to help us achieve that.

“We want to make sure we’re as safe and compliant as we can be — and that those who share that duty with us, i.e., third parties, take this obligation as seriously as we do.

“In the digital age, with people used to working in real-time with everything to hand, I believe the app is going to be a real game changer. It looks simple, but there is a whole raft of complexity behind it. No one needs the complexity — they just want to be able to check someone’s training record, make a note on file or confirm training statuses.”

Although the app is still new to the airport, with both companies working closely to refine its performance, the future plan for AIRDAT VISA is to deliver further time- and cost-saving benefits to the wider airport community: offering real-time, accurate and transferable information on a platform that is accessible on all media.

AIRDAT VISA is available now for download via the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Visit to learn more and see our new video.