AIRDAT’s training management system is 10 years old. From humble beginnings, offering just the ability to run a single online test, the system has grown with the industry and the requests and demands placed upon it.

It now provides services to over 20,000 users from nearly 1,700 companies. Some time ago, we realised that the way people were using the system and what they wanted to do with it was changing. We had a choice of either sitting still and working within the confines of what we had, or investing to keep AIRDAT TMS the leader in its field. Being who we are, we went with option 2, the results of which have been put live to all our customers today, for free.

A beautiful, modern responsive flat design has been applied to the site, and a full, well thought out adjustment of key features and functions to make the system even more intuitive.

In addition, the site has been re-coded from the ground up and now resides on our new private cloud infrastructure. In plain English – performance has been massively improved and capacity for expansion is managed. This means that as a user, you have more functions and the site is now quicker and easier to use… as a person, it means you may have time for that sandwich today.

Want to make your life easier? Contact us to find out how AIRDAT can streamline any airport training scheme and improve standards.