Only a week after her return from maternity leave, Jennifer Tumbri who has been working with the company for over 4 years, accepted the offer to become an official Company Director at AIRDAT.

Jennifer has contributed a huge amount of time and effort that has helped develop the company into the successful, resilient organisation it is today.

Charles Cardwell, AIRDAT’s Founder and CEO said ‘Jennifer showed great levels of dedication, resourcefulness and diligence when the effects of COVID19 hit. Having these qualities on the management team here at AIRDAT will only make it a better company and a better place to work.’

Jennifer will take the role of Projects & Development Director. The key priorities of this role involve working directly with our clients on project rollouts and managing the sales and marketing campaigns for potential new clients and products. These areas are critical to the continued success of the company, and could not be placed in better hands.

Congratulations Jennifer and thank you for accepting the offer!