During December, several members of our team will ‘Run the runways’ in order to support the aviation community through Aviation Action – you can help by taking part, or by donating here.

It’s been a tough time for so many people in the industry. Here is the story from Jennifer Tumbri – AIRDAT’s Projects & Development Director who is currently on maternity leave.

In August, we welcomed to the world our first baby.  In isolation, my belly grew bigger and then all of a sudden there was a newborn. 

My parents in Australia have not met their grandson, my brother has not met his nephew,  my friends have not met their new buddy. No one has held him except doctors, nurses and his parents. And, with the international travel in Australia restricted until 2022, my friends and family likely won’t see or hold him until he’s walking. 

Parents will know that a newborn is no easy feat! ‘It takes a village’ and all that. And I can tell you, the first weeks were hard. I never knew how much my family and friends were needed during those early weeks until we were left isolated by Covid.

Covid has affected so many people in different ways, isolating many by 2 meters or by thousands of miles around the world. The aviation industry has been struck down like never before, and the thousands of people working in the aviation community have suffered as a result.

For me, aviation is more than just a job. Not only does aviation offer a gateway to my friends and family in Australia, aviation is a way of life. Airports are like villages where everyone knows everyone and we all rally together to get people to their jobs, holidays, friends and family. We are part of a worldwide community. 

So for every day in December, I’m running for Aviation Action to support the aviation community get through this tough time. And we will get through it 💪

And one day – hopefully soon – the people we help with the Run the Runways fundraiser will get us back in the air and connecting us again with our family and friends.

Hang in there x

Every penny counts and 100% of all donations will go towards helping and supporting the aviation community. Help raise funds to support the Aviation Community here.

Aviation Action is a mental health and support charity specifically for aviation industry colleagues in the UK.